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Monday, October 22, 2018

#Review - The Chronicles of Han - The Real Thing

#Review - The Chronicles of Han - The Real Thing

"Hi Han

I am in the middle of re-reading book 1. 
Now that I know the basic facts, it is fascinating to watch out for the finer details and descriptions as they unfold.  

I can never understand how anybody can regard these books as made up fantasy, when one considers the incredibly detailed accounts of every move Han makes, as well as his own emotions.  

I always had this rather vague notion that everything on the other side happens as if by magic, and never considered that the entities on the other side also have to work hard at making events unfold in the "right " way on this side.

So. because I take the contents of these books  for "real" and have a serious interest in the spiritual world and personal and spiritual development, I am constantly "enlightened" by the teachings and insights that are revealed.  

The fact that I know the author and one of the other main characters who have since passed over, makes the whole experience even more amazing. 

This explains why I have lost interest in reading other "made up" stories because I have found the "real" thing.


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