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Monday, October 29, 2018

Q&A - Are certain things in life not pre-planned, but rather a product of living life?

Q&A - Are certain things in life not pre-planned, but rather a product of living life?

HG - As a Life Plan and Path Reader I have found that sometimes things happen in life that were not originally included in your Life Plan.
The more people get involved in scenarios, the more possibility and probability for change there are in order to accommodate as many individuals as possible.

As for myself, I know that plans had been changed in previous incarnations, as well as in this one.
I have also learnt that right now, with the ascension of Earth and the awakening of her children that those that know more than the average may change their paths while in incarnated form.
You need not stay on your original road and may take up the responsibility to choose differently.

Over the course of chronicling my past lives I've come to see where the planning had been adjusted, by the involvement of other free willed individuals or by Cosmic decree.
I can also now see how choices made in lifetimes past worked into subsequent lifetimes.
While most planning seems as if absolutely spot on, I see the deviations from the original agreed on plans.

Some examples from my own incarnations:

1) One lifetime I would have met up with a true love but before we were scheduled (by plan) to get together, someone else was introduced and I fell in love, committing to a relationship. This incident altered not only that specific lifetime, null and voiding the careful planning in many ways, but it altered my whole individual existence, as well as the way subsequent lives were lived.

2) The Rogue invasion of individuals altered another planned lifetime and it turned into an adventure I had not expected and was not quite ready to undertake.

3) This lifetime. After numerous 'opt out' opportunities, I had major NDEs and a full Life Review. My choice to stay in the spiritual realms was not honoured and I was sent back to this incarnation.
Was this death in my personal planning? No.
Did the spirit individuals around me know about the alteration of plans? Yes, because they kept on telling me to prepare and everything was in place to assist us with the incident.
The only conclusion I could come to after 14 years was that my own choice had altered my own plans for I had not heeded the warnings as I always did.
This was not my original planned path for myself, neither for my family, yet it placed us on a path to serve and better thousands of other individuals' lives.
So I guess this 'life happening' was for a really good cause.

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