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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Journeys of a Psychic - Avatars - How new souls are created

How new souls are created
Long version in context from some of my own experiences

How new souls are created

Unedited excerpt from The Chronicles of Han - Negotiating Limïer

"What is a Puppet, you asked?" I moved back to the subject they wished to know about.

They shuffled into more comfortable positions not to miss a word, as if I was going to tell a campfire story and they were mere Clans' children eagerly anticipating some excitement and adventure.

I held back not to laugh, launching into the story instead. "A Puppet Body is a body that had been created by a Source Creator or Puppet Master for its own use.
In some areas these Source Creators or Puppet Masters are called Overselves because they own and operate more than one Avatar or Puppet at a time."

"Then is Han Storm such a Puppet for you have spoken about your Overself before, the entity you refer to as Hanuman?" Black interrupted, the typical investigative interrogator.

He had a valid point. I did refer to MySelf, to Hanuman, as an Overself from time to time.

"I agree. I do sometimes refer to my Soul-Spirit as an Overself. I think it is more for other people to be able to understand where I have my vibrations," and to know where I am as an individual, I added for myself.

They looked confused and I sighed, running my hands through my curly hair. At least it was catching up again in the growing department and there was actually something to run my fingers through.

"As with your eyes!" Aquil cheered up. "Today they are your original dark purple, making you human, one of us, and the Han Storm we know."

"And when you are intermediate with lighter, lilac eyes, you are more your Soul-Spirit and not Han Storm, your created Creata Personality," Kin-Allan elaborated.

"But when you get mean and your eyes become a pastel purple with a metallic glint, we all know Hanuman has descended and is walking in our midst," Black concluded with a nastiness about his words I was not familiar with. "Yet, this does not make you a Puppet Master or an actual Overself. It merely reflects where you, as an individual, have your vibrations."

"Or it actually indicates that this body of Han Storm is indeed just a Puppet Body as well, or do I have it all wrong?" Kin-Allan wanted to know.

"It might be that Han has the potential to become a Puppet Master at a later stage, but right now I do not think so for his Soul is contained in this singular body," Aquil voiced his opinion.

They watched me, waiting for an explanation.

"If you have to say it like this, then I guess I have different tiers and must be a 'Puppet' for the Creator. As it is, I do see myself as an individual Soul-Spirit with my Soul currently occupying this body of Han Storm. It is not as if I have my Soul somewhere else with only my Spirit-Consciousness contained in this body. If I was only a Puppet for my Overself, I am not sure that I could have become a Navigator."

Black held up a hand. "Okay! I understand where YOU are coming from and how YOU currently work. It still does not answer me regarding Puppet Bodies. So get back onto the subject."

I glared at him. He changed the subject, not me!

"Well? Are you going to continue with your explanation?" Black pushed.

"Only if you listen and keep your questions for afterwards!" I retorted, suddenly annoyed and the threatening headache starting to pulse between my eyebrows.

Putting the tips of my fingers on the area, I gently massaged in an upwards motion, channelling some Source Energy into it until the pain toned down, the area becoming comfortable.

"I will keep my questions for afterwards. You may continue," Black confirmed in a softer voice, his temper well kept under control.

"Let me explain it this way. Every body is a Puppet or Avatar for a Soul-Spirit. It is a piece of flesh to be operated and cared for as the specialized equipment it is. It was made to house Souls to be able to experience this third dimensional environment consisting of matter, which is light brought down in frequency to become visible and what we perceive as solid."

Aquil opened his mouth to ask something but I held up my hand, pushing on. "The first tier of incarnation is One-on-One. One Soul-Spirit to One Body or Avatar. You are housed in this body for the duration of the body's life term. When the body perishes, who you truly are is released to go home to the Higher Worlds or to consider occupying another body.

Then you get a One-on-One Remotely operated Avatar. Still One Soul Operator with One Puppet Body or Avatar. Just here, the Soul is not housed in the body but stays contained in the Higher Worlds, remotely running this Avatar. This ensures that the Soul does not receive all the negative emotional flow-back you experience when housed in the body itself. The impact on the Soul is less, but the body, as perceived as the Planet Identity, seems and feels remote or emotionally removed from others.

In some cases these 'Puppets' have mentioned that they feel 'lacking' in themselves, especially if they are not aware that their Souls are not housed within the body."

I sighed, taking a short break, feeling my body's vibrations automatically increasing when talking about Universal subjects.
"As far as I know, true Puppet Masters or Overselves are Ascended Masters who have grown too large in their Soul-Spirit forms to be able to comfortably fit into a single body, therefore the necessity to either run Puppet Bodies from a distance, or to separate some of their Spirit-Consciousness to fit into several bodies at the same time for whatever reason they wish to do so or need to do so."

Black held up a hand to stop me. I sat back, giving him the opportunity to speak, although I have asked not to be interrupted.
The deep frown on his forehead spoke for itself.
"Okay. Let me just see if I am following this correctly," he stated, standing up, taking one of the empty mugs.
"This is me. My body. Single incarnation. I am the coffee and the mug is my body." He poured cold coffee from the pot into the mug.
"Me, One-on-One incarnation. Individual Soul-Spirit entity incarnated into a physical life experience, correct?" He paused, looking at us for confirmation.
I nodded in agreement.
"Next. I take this mug, it is empty, so I put in a bit of coffee from the pot in there. Now we pretend, this is a Remote Incarnation. Spirit in the mug, Soul in the Pot?"
"Okay. Got that one. Next, we make the pot Lumox, a character you have confirmed is an Overself." He poured the coffee back into the pot so we could start with the next scenario.
"I fill three cups halfway with coffee. One is Jade, one is Doc G and one is Skye. There, now we have an Overself and three Puppet Bodies."
He sat back down, eyeing this scenario, somewhat concerned. "So one Overself can have multiple experiences through his own bodies, at the same time?"
"Yes," I confirmed again.
Black stretched back in his seat, making a noiseless 'oh'.

"Then this Lumox made sure his energy was surrounding you as often as he . . . it could?" Kin-Allan summarised.
"He. He is definitely a male energy," I corrected Kin-Allan.
"With female bodies, for whatever reason," Kin-Allan emphasized.
"You love Jade. You talk of Jade as a separate individual. How does this work when I see this in front of me?" Black wished to know, swiping his hand in the direction of the mugs.

"Usually an Overself will create the bodies as just that, bodies to be used to store part of its consciousness to do what it must for whatever reason it must or wishes to do," I replied to the question. "It is when it needs to do more than just have a body survive that it might then split itself and its own consciousness into smaller sizes to accomplish what it wishes to and gives its Puppets personalities.
As with any Puppet Master, they might quickly become attached to certain Puppets, in this regard a certain energy. Then they may wish to put in more time and effort into a specific Puppet's creation, growth and development, eventually making it a favourite plaything or Avatar to incarnate into.
They now have created a Puppet or Avatar Personality that they can re-use and store when not in use in a particular incarnation."

"Nope! Do not get it. Show me," Black responded, hinting with his eyes at the mugs.
I sighed. I had no idea we were going to play this game.
I looked around, spotting the glass on the sink Kin-Allan had used earlier.
Fetching it I brought it back to the table.
"Jade," I stated, taking one of the mugs, emptying the coffee into the glass. "Jade's body perished, but Lumox did not want to make her part of him. He wishes to use her again in other incarnations at a later stage, thus he stores her within his own Soul-Spirit until needed."
I placed the glass inside the pot.
"And Doc G?" Black insisted.
"I do not know. I assume that if Lumox liked him too, he would be stored similarly as I have seen in a vision as Jade is. If not," I picked up the second mug and emptied the contents back into the pot where it mixed with the original lot.
"If not, then the Puppet spirit becomes one with the Master, and the experiences gained is mixed into the lot for future use." I sat down, allowing this information to settle.

"Okay. Then when Lumox wants to use Jade again, he whips the part out that is Jade," Black removed the glass from the pot, decanting the contents back into a mug, "and creates a new Puppet body containing the Jade energy. Do I understand this correctly?"
"Then Jade has another incarnation and grows as this Puppet Avatar, not knowing that she is a Puppet and returns to Lumox where he stores her again, this time with a bit more experiences." Black poured a bit more coffee directly from the pot into the mug before decanting the Jade representing coffee back into the glass and putting the glass back into the pot.
"Then what happens when Jade's glass becomes too full?" Aquil asked, seeing where Black was heading.
"I guess then Lumox will have two choices," I stated. "One is to make her part of him again, or to let her go to become a fully free Soul-Spirit on her own."

"That sounds nice. How does he get to do this? As far as I know only Creators may create new Souls," Black stated and I started to suspect that he knew more about this subject than I did.
I had another look at him. Was he trying to get me to face this Jade reality by allowing me to deal objectively with it?
"We would wish your thoughts on the subject, Han," Kin-Allan placed my attention back to where it should be.

"Only Creators can become Puppet Masters or Overselves, as far as I know," I confirmed. "If they wish to allow a Puppet Personality to become a full new Soul-Spirit they would have to sacrifice a piece of their own Souls so that the Spirit may become a Soul-Spirit, a new Soul."
"Then it is possible for your Jade to become a fully free-willed individual, a Soul-Spirit in her own right?" Black asked, at last revealing his true intentions.
"Yes. If Lumox decides to let her go," I confirmed.
"That would indeed be a great day to behold," Kin-Allan told me.

"I am glad of this possibility, but what I want to know is how do we know who is a Puppet, or is it not necessary for us to know this?" Aquil asked.
"I do not think it is relevant or necessary for us to know who is a Puppet body or not. It should not influence our emotions towards that person," I stated my opinion. "In recognising that someone may be a Puppet is to observe that sometimes such a person is not 'present'. They go through the motions of life, but you can see that what makes them, them, is not always there."
"You are describing yourself. Are you sure you are not a Puppet too?" Aquil sighed.

"Not necessarily," I countered. "It is just an observation indicating that the person may have other functions to attend to. I have found that with Jade, as well as Doc G, that there were times where they were not aware of what happened to them or what they did.
At these times Lumox took total control of their bodies and did whatever he needed or wanted to do. When the Puppet Personality was returned to the body, and Lumox had pulled back, neither had recollection of what had happened, creating trepidation in them, as individual Puppets."
"You witnessed these 'absent' episodes yourself?" Black asked, intrigued and a bit unsettled.
"Yes, I was unfortunate enough to have experienced Lumox' direct attention to me through his Puppet Bodies . . . "

They listened. They did not seem to understand.
I scanned their thoughts.
Black was wondering how anyone could cope with 'running' more than one body at any time.
Kin-Allan was stuck at whether or not Jade and Doc G had pieces of Lumox' soul, had gone back into 'storage' or whether or not Doc G had become part of the collective consciousness of Lumox.
Aquil was not sure if anybody could actually tell if someone was a Puppet Personality or not.
"I know. It is a complicated subject with many variants. Only a true psychic could tell if a person belonged to an Overself or is part of a Puppet-line.
I guess that, as with any skilled Puppeteer, it takes training and experience to play different personalities while removed from each other."
"How can anyone live more than one life at a time?" Black wished to know.
"I do not know. As I stated, it is an advanced option of Being a Soul. I am sure not every single Soul would advance to this stage of growing so huge within themselves that they can no longer be contained in a single body."
They stared at me, making me uncomfortable.
"You do not seem to always fit in that body, especially not when you become Navigator!" Aquil blurted.
"At other times, especially when you are depleted, there are not enough of You to fill it either," Kin-Allan gave his opinion.
"Hmm," Black hummed. "Opposing opinions. Both accurate and true. One more question from me, at least.
How did you find out that Jade, Doc G, and Skye are Puppets of Lumox?"
Interrogation. Something he had wished to ask a long time ago.

"They have the same Soul-Signature," I replied confidently.
"Makes sense, especially because you can see the energies." Black seemed content with this sure and honest reply.
"I have heard talk in the Clan that some families all have this same 'Soul-Signature' as Han states. Does this mean that the whole family are Puppets of the same Overself?" Aquil wanted to know.
"I have also heard about Group-Consciousnesses. I think the Elders had called colonies such as wasps, bees and ants by this name," Kin-Allan stated.
"Yes, and yes. Looking at flocks of birds and fish and ants and so on, I am sure even in the animal kingdoms there are Overselves.
As to the people seeming to have a Group-Consciousness, it might be that a family is from the same Overself. It would make perfect sense, especially if the Overself is still in training. It should be easier to 'run' several bodies in the same environment than when they are separated by physical distance."
"I do not care," Black stated adamantly. "I am an individual. I intend staying this way. Sharing myself between several other bodies, I really think not!"

Copyright © 2009-2018 H Gibson Chronicles of Han unedited excerpt from Negotiating Limïer
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