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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Psychic Services in Belize

Psychic Services in Belize

Since coming to Belize I've met up with some wonderfully gifted traditional healers, readers, prophets and other like-minded spiritual people. What I found was that most people keep what they can do, and their natural gifts from God, either strictly to themselves, or share with only a handful of confidants to the extent where those who wish these services find it difficult, but not impossible to locate.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Journeys of a Psychic: Happy Mother's Day

From one Mother to another

A sweet little letter from my Alpha Reader.

"Han, Dear One!

This time round you chose being a Mother in every way! So, from one mother to another mother, Happy Mothers' Day!   

It takes courage, endurance, understanding and a lot of patience being a mother - we do our very best, yet so often we feel we have failed being the 'perfect mother' - we mothers always see ourselves coming short, and yet we give and give till our energy runs out - but we hang in there, regardless! Mothers are so underestimated - usually!

As you know from experience, down this end of the world, Mothers' Day is one big commercial venture - with chocolates and roses being the top money spinners - the Internet is over used from masses of e-mails or SKYPE calls all remembering mummy on her special day - the restaurants will be filled with eager mothers being treated by their children - and then for the rest of the year nothing more happens!

But at least we mothers are given ONE day to be remembered, thought-of and honoured! What more do we want? 'n Drukkie of twee always helps, eh?
I repeat, Beloved, Happy Mothers' Day! I see you as one wonderful mother, despite all else you do! You go well in your chosen role of mum-hood and know that you are doing a great job!

I love you, my darling!"

Bhakta Anjana

x x x 

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Chronicles of Han Teachings: Astral Privileges may be revoked

Astral Privileges may be revoked

Excerpt from Saving Leilaka, The Chronicles of Han

"My body slept, secured in the arms of my wife.
    My spirit rose up from it and I knew I was leaving it in the Astral.
    I had not done this for a very long time here on Leilaka, and it almost felt alien to leave my body thus, walking around only in conscious spirit form.
    I left Merrykara where she embraced my body, anchoring it for me to this world of Leilaka, cocooned securely inside a nest of blankets from which there should not be any escape.
    Drifting in spirit form, I left my house through the back door onto the porch, past the table still occupied by the glasses, to stop in front of the mysterious Walnut tree that kept on sending me back to my bed without me being consciously aware of it.
    Now I was in spirit form and, although all my other gifts seemed to be blocked from me, I could still slip out of my body and travel with my spirit.
    In Astral form I became aware of a giant energy surrounding the tree.
    "How many times must I return a stubborn Hanuman to his bed?" Gorrd's voice came from this energy that appeared as if a shadow.
    "As many times as it takes until you explain to me what is going on here. I thought I was going mad and you think it funny," I accused a laughing entity.
    "This is Fae business, Master Han. You cannot be here. No mortal can," Gorrd replied.
    "You are keeping things from me. I will consult with Ariëtte if you do not disclose this to me," I warned.
    "And I assure you that you have worse things to worry about than an energy vortex in your back yard. Go back to your body. Go sleep and see to your own business," Gorrd ordered, a harsh edge to his voice, a warning that boundaries should not be overstepped.
    "No. I wish to know what you are doing here, why you are behaving as you are and why all my other gifts have been withdrawn from me," I insisted to know.
    "And just as your other gifts have been blocked, so your Astral privileges have just been revoked because you do not want to listen to reason."
                With these words Gorrd condensed himself into his normal giant form. Stretching his hand out towards me, I felt a searing hot sensation starting at the equivalent of my heart energy point before a dark vortex pulled me back towards my body . . .  "

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Chronicles of Han Free ebooks (Preserving Crreata Part 1 and Part 2)


Chronicles of Han Free ebooks

These first two Chronicles of Han Storm books are currently available as complementary copies from Smashwords. No need to subscribe, just download and enjoy.

Kind regards

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Journeys of a Psychic: H Gibson NDE autobiography excerpt 1

Journeys of a Psychic: Being Different

Journeys of a Psychic: Being Different

"This niggling feeling of Destiny threatened to overwhelm me. It felt as if I really had no control over my life. I did not even know what I really wanted from it!
I do not want these . . . abilities, I silently told myself, suddenly angry at myself for being so different from others.
Still, I knew in my heart that I loved being different, able to know and perceive things others could not. "
Excerpt from Preserving Creata, The Chronicles of Han Storm
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019