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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Journeys of a Psychic: The Emotional Impact of writing about Past Lives - Life Purpose

Writing about writing - The Emotional Impact of writing about Past Lives - Life Purpose

The Emotional Impact of writing about Past Lives
Excerpt from Journeys of a Psychic, The Chronicles of Han

Life Purpose

23 April 2010
        Had some trouble relating again today. It is difficult having to work in more than one environment and having to keep my attention here on this physical for work tomorrow.
        It is a huge responsibility and my husband keeps on asking if I am ok, and what is wrong.         
I know I have other things to do and time here clashes with what I need to do and where I need to go, and the worst is that I need to give my full attention to the other side and I cannot, resulting in this half-state of being. Neither here, nor there and tomorrow I need to be all here on Earth.

        I think what bowls me out is that I suddenly have to remember more than I care to do. Delving into the darker things and unhappier experiences of MySelf, is never the most wonderful thing to do.   Dealing with all this old and ancient stuff makes me feel different.
        Different is the word for I cannot describe what exactly I feel and what exactly is going on with me. It is not within the range of emotional terms within the English language. I do not know if there is a word near what I feel that might be able to describe how I feel.
        Lost also does not do it for I know exactly where I am and where I have come from. Maybe the word loss is more adequate. Loss for I am going through a grieving process for lost entities that I have not had contact with in . . . lets just say, a very long time.
        Now the book is dragging up issues and entities of times I had been through before. All for the sake of a book? That I do not think. 
This book is not just a book. As with everything else I do in life, I do everything with a specific purpose. Nothing is random, even if this body-consciousness did not get the message the first time around.
        Where am I, as an entity, going to within this life? The road ahead is set and should be clear, but things are still unfolding.
H Gibson - What is my ultimate task within this life?
Thomas - To remind everyone that you touch within this life who they truly are. To be the Activation Catalyst as you know you are.

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