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Monday, December 17, 2018

Journeys of a Psychic: Universal Mission

Excerpt from Saving Leilaka -
Han is reminded of his Universal Mission on Leilaka

"And as we have known from the beginning of your arrival here, you had said yourself in the Translations of the Prophesies of Emperor Jamal that, if negativity had been negated, you would rebuild Leilaka into a proper Paradise.
All the People of Leilaka are waiting for this part of the Prophesy to come to pass. They have their attention turned to the area where you reside at all times; they have you in their hearts and thoughts continuously.
To them you are a living deity, Han.
Jamal's Prophesies and the Humans' legends had come alive with your deeds. Within your bond with an unhatched Huracan and your special connection with these mythical creatures, you are undoubtedly the Leader of the Huracan Legions.
You have proven beyond a doubt that you are the Original Dameous by opening the treasure vault, even though there was nothing inside.
The Gobajians know you are one of them, having vanquished the Rogue Lord in front of one of their kin as witness.
You have saved Leilaka and now you must rest and recuperate so you can rebuild her to her former glory."
I did not feel like a god. I felt small and vulnerable, weighted down with the expectation of Nations.
"I just need them to cut me some slack. Can they not understand that I have been to hell and back for them?" I asked, knowing that there was but a handful of people who actually knew the real reasons for me being here.
"No, Han. People do not understand the extent of your sacrifices. They are not aware of all that you do for us.
You know this. It comes with the Universal job description. You should accept who you are and embrace the knowledge that you know that you are more than people think you are.
When you can make peace with this, you will feel a lot better about your life here. You would eventually be able to become part of this world."
I watched my friend with trepidation. If I had truly saved Leilaka, then why was I experiencing this sense of pending Doom?

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