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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Journeys of a Psychic: Facets of our nature

#Facets of our nature

Han's mother discusses her son with some of her colleagues.
Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han, Negotiating Limïer
 "The great spirit, Hanuman, can not be defined or captured by mere mortals, Anit Brian," Annayeke reminded him. "We all know that Hanuman changes shape, structure and dimension as a woman fits garments in preparation for a special occasion.
We can never pin him down or box him in, capture him for more than a second, for he is as the air around us, everywhere at once.
He is in us, between us, around us, but also separate from us. If he is anything as we remember from the days of the Navigators, I can assure you he will be nothing like them and will re-define the legends, for he is without borders and boundaries.
In spirit, he can not be captured or held captive.
In body form, it is hard to contain him for any length of time in any case.
What more do you expect if he is like the wind and the weather, doing his own thing all the time, surprising us with thunder and lightning and minutes later the sun will shine."
Copyright © 2009-2018 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

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