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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Journeys of a Psychic: Channelings

How Han came to Leilaka.
Excerpt from #SavingLeilaka.

"And Trans-medium Channelings, what happens there?" Habieb wanted to know.
"When a person is a Trans-medium, which is considered a separate psychic gift, an individual relinquishes total control over his or her body for a period of time in order to give another spirit a chance to enter their body and use it for whatever reason, usually to bring a message or specialized knowledge to someone else."
"This is what happened between you and Krish, is it not?" Ishmay wanted to know.
I shook my head in the negative. "No. I am not a walk-in. Krish had already left his body by the time I was placed inside of it. His body was basically dead but my entry had revived it and I therefore took command over his body."
"You said 'placed' inside of it" Habieb stated, a confused expression on his handsome face. "I always thought you took Krish's body over. Was it then not your decision to come here?"
I saw what he was thinking about . . .

. . . two boys on a beach after a fight over a hunt. The one's illusion of his friend being an invincible, perfect god, shattered; the other, knowing that being here was not his choice.
"I know you think I am perfect in every way possible, but I am not, Habieb" I told my disillusioned friend.
He wore a pained expression on his face, real sorrow showing as he concentrated excessively on tying his laces.
"I might be this mighty invincible Soul when not contained in a physical body" I told him softly. "But here I have taken the body of Krish that had been created totally Human in all respects. This body had been occupied by a native Leilakan Soul. It had not been specifically manufactured for me.
Here I am as mortal as everyone else, subjected to the rules of third dimensional physical life on this Planet.
I still struggle to cope with simple things you take for granted. Sometimes I battle to come back after having left this body, praying that it would start working when I return to it."
I stood up, walking a few steps towards the sea, running my hands through my hair before turning back to him where he was watching me with an intense expression on his face.
"The Universe knows I do not belong here!" I stated, upset with this world, upset with the mind-set of these people, thinking me a Saviour, and all I wanted was a normal life!
Habieb just kept on staring at me, as if I was the insane one for not understanding what they saw in me.
"But you are here now, helping us" he said. "If you did not want to be here you should not have come."
It was a simple statement that made me mad as anything.
"I KNOW!" I shouted at him, turning back to look out over the sea.
"I know" I whispered to myself.
I had given up my life in the Universe of Kraita to be here, and now I get upset because people acknowledge who I truly am. They would expect me to be perfect. They would expect miracles from me.
I was not yet where I had to be. I was not yet all that I needed to be.
"I will become a better person" I stated as much to Habieb as myself . . .

And now I was almost there. I felt it in every upgrade that terrorized my body with agonizing pain impulses.
"Yes, Habieb. I was initially not aware who I was and I had no choice in the matter of coming here, even if I thought I had some say, I really did not.
Servants do not have a choice in where they are needed to serve."
Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2017

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