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Monday, November 5, 2018

Journeys of a Psychic: Where all things in your current and previous life planned?

Chronicles of Han Teachings
August 29 ·
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Where all things in your current and previous life planned?

Han Gibson - I received continued conscious access to my soul memories during my NDEs which I'm systematically chronicling into book form. As I can now compare in depth notes over lifetimes, I am able see that planning had been made with many other souls interacting over incarnated adventures. All came to a culmination of events in this lifetime. Some events are still unfolding and diaries are kept as record.

Did all events happened as planned? No, for me, as an individual, it did not. Not in this lifetime or previous ones.
Still, this is not the norm and I have done Life Path Charts for clients where everything they planned was executed to the letter.
No incarnation is wasted and even with the alteration of plans, the main soul missions are accomplished, in this lifetime or a next one. Issues are resolved eventually, so it is better to make sure you leave adventures on amiable fronts to avoid resolving issues in following lifetimes or in LBLs.

Currently, for me, 'lesser missions' are being incorporated, sort of like 'bonus features' in a multidimensional drama.

One must also be aware that as soon as you are interacting in a family or group environment, plans can, may or will be adjusted to the best opportunities for growth of everyone in the group/family unit. Thus 'sacrifices' are made where one or more individuals may step back so that another may receive the full benefit of the incarnation. This is sometimes referred to as 'self-sacrifice'.

Having everything under control and experiencing less challenges are not always the most beneficial opportunity for growth, but can be the lesson in itself.
While being challenged, unprecedented and swift soul-growth might occur.
Not having challenges can be a challenge in itself, to find motivation to continue an incarnation. Or it may mean that you are here to reflect on life while in incarnated form.

There really are no cemented rules, just individual cases.

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