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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Journeys of a Psychic: Past Life Reading for Han Storm

Past Life Reading for Han Storm

1 September 2018 -
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Given that I remember my Past Lives due to my near death experiences, I did a layout on the lifetime as Han Storm of which I had written 14 books.
As usual, the cards do not lie and the reading was spot on.

1. Personality of past life
VI Lovers
This was a bit of a surprise as I see myself different in that lifetime, as the Hierophant or the Magi. But analysing this card, it is actually a better description than my own interpretation.
Lovers. Han Storm had many lovers and loved ones, and if he did not love his people he would not have been able to do for them what he did.
Thus Lovers is a good analysis of his overall personality.

2. Physical attributes
8 of Coins
Successful Master of his Talents used for endless adventure while being absolutely responsible in his actions.
Absolutely spot on. Not an easy lifetime, but one used to assist others with the talents I cultivated to enhance their lives.

3. Spiritual attributes
Knight of Coins
Useful, reliable, patient, persistent, tenacious and totally loyal to my planet and people. Caution and Courage led mostly to evolution and the avoidance of revolution within our own fold. Physical preservation was the goal although spiritual advancement was enforced.

4. Overall life
King of Coins
Wow. This describes it to a 't'. Almost everything was handled as a business transaction with a rigid outlook on end results. Although conservative, I was well organized, confident and hard-working, inspiring others by example.
A loyal friend, wise counsellor, reliable partner.
Yes. A unique life as a leader.

5. Birth
XI Strength
Power, Determination, Tenacity, Courage
Most people will never know why and how they became to be incarnated until they pass back into Spirit.
This is my story. I was chosen for a specialized mission to assist a planet's people, much like now on Earth. In order to do so, I needed a specialized body, which was born from my mother Annayeke in that lifetime. A highly revered Psychic birthing a Psychic with specialized skills.
In order to allow me to experience what I needed to do, she gave me away soon after birth, thus I grew up in foster care before returning to her when an adult. It was a decision both of us made before the incarnation, yet left some nasty scars due to being human. We understand what had to be done and it took immense Strength from both of us.

6. Childhood
7 of Swords
Surrounded by different people all the time, I survived, persevering by keeping the goal of my life in sight, even though I only knew at the time that I needed to grow up and had to tolerate situations. This was achieved by 'becoming invisible' until I hit around 10 and everything changed.

7. Adolescence
King of Cups
Coming into some of my psychic powers, I quit the foster system and found a place on my own. Through art, lucrative gambling and pretence of parents, I made my own way through school, eventually deciding to do something good with my life. It was a good time, a bit lonely as I did not tend to make friends to stay under the radar, but the first time I had some stability in my life.

8. Adulthood
III Empress
Fertility, Success, Harmony, Sensuality
Ah, and here we find The Lovers again.
This was a really long lifetime. With four children from three different mothers, I guess I was a good lover. I still miss my partners and my children. Although one is here with me in spirit.
Back to the card and not reminiscing on times gone by. The Empress represents that in Adulthood I was able to bring abundance to my people.

9. Death
3 of Coins
With my Mastery proven to the World, I wished not to be involved any longer and was banished into Crio-sleep imprisonment. Not that I minded too much as I was so tired of living at the end that I just wanted peace.
But peace was short-lived as I found myself (spirit) captured in another body, on another planet, soon learning to love that place and wishing to sever my bonds with my old body.
This did come in time and I was able to move on, to have a new opportunity at a new venture in a place unknown to me. So very exciting to start over, somewhere else.

10. Lesson learned #1
2 of Swords
Growth through Conflict. As two swords need to be grinded together to sharpen, just so does underlying conflict educate as all sides of an issue are being revealed. Friendship and reconciliation with old enemies were needed to achieve the goals of this lifetime.
Lesson learnt - do not burn your bridges, not in this lifetime for you might need someone again in a next lifetime.

11. Lesson learned #2
Ace of Swords
Triumph through Strength and Determination. One never stops advancing. One never stops learning, weather you wish to or not. Soul-growth is inevitable.

12. Life purpose for that lifetime
XVI Tower
"The Casting out of a place of comfort." So true as I shook the people of my world's beliefs to their core. Then we engaged in bringing sanity into a chaotic world, causing constant upheaval as we opened new worlds and moved our people there.
I was indeed a bringer of shock, revolution, loss and uncertainty, not only to my own people but the people of other worlds as well.
All turned out good in the end, mostly for everyone involved.

13. How past life affects current relationships
Page of Swords
Lots of Swords in this reading. Lot of conflicts in that lifetime, so let us stick to current relationships in this lifetime.
People who wish to know the Secrets of the Universe tend to cautiously 'follow' me in this lifetime or read the books already published. Not much is openly discussed and many times individuals do not wish anyone to know they have visited or have business with me in this lifetime. It is their choice and I respect their privacy.
My husband and children know who I truly am and know about many of my past life incarnations. I have a small inner circle of people also aware of many of these lives and where they, personally, fit in them as many who had been with me in other lives showed up in this lifetime.
Mostly we all just stand amazed at the synchronicity of it all, as well as what others remember of their lives lived alongside mine.

14. How past life affect current aspirations
Page of Cups
As most children are open and accepting to learn, I'm here to reveal what I had experienced and people may learn and grow through my experiences. I'm doing what I came here to do.

15. Current life purpose
5 of Wands
Fulfilment in my Soul-Career. Doing what I had come here to do. It has been done. It has been completed and everything people now get is an absolute bonus. This body should have perished but was prevented from dying due to the wish of free willed children. Thus I am still bringing Hope and Healing on all levels to this world.

Time tells the best stories and we will see how all of this pans out.

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