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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Journeys of a Psychic: Happy Mother's Day

From one Mother to another

A sweet little letter from my Alpha Reader.

"Han, Dear One!

This time round you chose being a Mother in every way! So, from one mother to another mother, Happy Mothers' Day!   

It takes courage, endurance, understanding and a lot of patience being a mother - we do our very best, yet so often we feel we have failed being the 'perfect mother' - we mothers always see ourselves coming short, and yet we give and give till our energy runs out - but we hang in there, regardless! Mothers are so underestimated - usually!

As you know from experience, down this end of the world, Mothers' Day is one big commercial venture - with chocolates and roses being the top money spinners - the Internet is over used from masses of e-mails or SKYPE calls all remembering mummy on her special day - the restaurants will be filled with eager mothers being treated by their children - and then for the rest of the year nothing more happens!

But at least we mothers are given ONE day to be remembered, thought-of and honoured! What more do we want? 'n Drukkie of twee always helps, eh?
I repeat, Beloved, Happy Mothers' Day! I see you as one wonderful mother, despite all else you do! You go well in your chosen role of mum-hood and know that you are doing a great job!

I love you, my darling!"

Bhakta Anjana

x x x 

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