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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Journeys of a Psychic: Saving Leilaka - Excerpt - Death: Guiding Them Home

Saving Leilaka - Excerpt - Death: Guiding Them Home

"I will walk you over. I am allowed in both worlds at the same time. That is my function. That is what I do best."

Saving Leilaka Excerpt
" Moira and I blended in flight, our hearts feeling as if it had been run through with a blade.
We faltered, tumbling from the sky to hit the trees before crashing to the ground.
I could hear Habieb shouting at me. I heard Lance's inquiring rumble as he sat down next to his mate.
Keeping my eyes closed, ignoring Habieb, I allowed my consciousness to rush towards the area of the tragedy . . .

Krishten and Tornique lay in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the ravine near Longhorn, their bodies a tangled mass of broken flesh. Both bodies had perished, their spirit forms standing watching in stunned surprise at the gruesome sight.
"Krishten" I alerted my daughter, making her aware that I was there with her.
"Daddy?" she asked. "Is this how it is when you are no longer in your body, when you walk in Astral?"
"No, Honey. Your particle cord has been severed. Can you not see that your body is dead?"
"Really?" she inquired in shock, watching Kaleb unbuckling her crushed form from her Huracan's saddle, dragging it away from the carcass. "But we did not mean to crash. Tornique's wing snapped with the stress of the sudden change of direction I asked of her, and . . . now we're . . . dead?"
Feeling her regret, I came to stand by her, gently touching her with my hand which she grabbed, hanging on securely.
"I was not aware that one could feel in the spirit world?" she asked.
"It is still just energy and when you vibrate at the same level, you can feel the impulses in an energetic way" I told her, watching Kaleb cuddle his sister to his chest, crying despondently over her.
"Is there anything else you wish to see before being taken home?" I asked her.
"I would not be able to stand their sadness. No, I want to say goodbye to Tornique and then leave to the Lands Beyond. I do not wish to stay and say goodbye to anyone else. You are with me now in any case."
"Come then" I told her, gently pulling her to where her Huracan's spirit was waiting for us.
She hugged the animal with one hand, refusing to let go of our connection.
At last she relinquished her hold on Tornique before turning to me.
"Where will she go?" she wanted to know.
"To Huracan heaven and you will go to the Higher Entities of Leilaka. Come."
I walked her towards the Light Portal that is always available when a pure one's particle path had been severed.
She stopped in front of it.
"Are you leaving me here?" she wanted to know.
"No, I will walk you over. I am allowed in both worlds at the same time. That is my function. That is what I do best."
Hooking her arm through mine, we walked into the tunnel of bright light as so many people had recounted after being returned from so-called near death experiences. Continue Reading:

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